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Bridal Gowns For Destination Weddings

Congrats on the nuptials! It’s time to splurge on a fabulous wedding far away from home.

If you’re having a destination wedding and are retreating from the colder weather to the refuge of a balmy, sun soaked beach, you’ve got to find a bridal gown that is perfect for the venue and the trip there.

The most important factor to consider is finding a bridal gown that travels well. It must be lightweight and not prone to wrinkles. Both features allow you to pack it up in a suitcase without worrying too much about how much space it’ll take and how heavy it’ll be. Plus, when you take it out of the suitcase, it’ll look as nice as it did when you first brought it home from the store (or received it in the mail). Your best choices for bridal gown cuts are A-lines, mermaids or sheaths. While long skirts are more romantic, there’s nothing wrong with something just below or even above the knee for beach weddings (who wants to drag their dress along the sand?) The best fabrics are definitely light satin, chiffon and lace – anything that won’t make you sweat too much on your special day. If you can, choose natural fibers like silk and cotton rather than polyester or acrylic, since they breathe better. And one last thing: choose a looser fit and not something body hugging. Tight dresses are too hot for the beach, and just won’t look as romantic. After all, wouldn’t you rather a bridal gown that gently flutters in the wind? Of course if you must have a tight dress, you can always get a long veil!

Don’t forget the shoes. Spiky heels are just too risky to walk around in on the sand or grass. Decrease your risk of tripping and making a fool of yourself by choosing flats. Sandals, fancy slippers or even bare feet (with some foot jewelry) all work well here.

This article has been brought to you by Bridal Gowns. Amanda Della is an aficionado of all things bridal. She is a regular contributor to wedding blogs, including BestBridalPrices.com. Happily married for over 10 years, she attributes her successful marriage to a fabulous wedding!

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