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Caribbean Tourist Attractions

Scuba diving has long been a popular sport for travelers around the world. There is a certain excitement that comes with seeing the world as it is from beneath the ocean. The rich marine life and crystal clear water can make for an amazing vacation and one that will not be forgotten. Scuba diving will provide the thrill of a lifetime while also taking you to some of the most unique places on Earth.

Throughout the world there are several destinations which offer for great scuba diving. The Caribbean is one of these locations, and it is renowned for its diving. It’s no surprise that all three of the following dives are located there.

First off, when you are a beginner, you need not worry because there are a lot of good beginner diving sites that you can go out to. Not only that but there are a lot of trainers that will help you in learning how to dive. There are also a lot of good equipment that you can use when you want to go out and experience how to dive. In Boracay, you can experience how it is to dive and you can be treated to a wonderful scenery even if the site is a beginner site. However, as you progress to learn the different skills that you need in scuba diving, you can be assured that if you want a more challenging dive site, there other places that you can go to.

Hawaii scuba diving presents an assortment of beautiful tropical fish and some of the most gorgeous coral formations all through the island chain, which makes it one of the best scuba diving locations as well. Maui or Kauai is an excellent way to take pleasure in the marine life of the islands. Operators, resorts, dive boats, and dive shops are on hand throughout Hawaii. The warm water dives amidst large green sea turtles, hundreds of brightly colored fishes, and sharks, adds to the excitement and thrill of every scuba dive.

One of the most popular and best scuba diving locations, Florida keys boasts of lovely coral formations, luxuriously warm gulf water, and of course the abundance of tropical fish. Florida also offers thousands of dive locations that offer limitless diving adventure and packed with quality diving stores, operators, and instructors that can assist one to discover the best of Florida scuba diving.

Did two dives here, off of the Coral Cay Beach. I do not know the names of the spots as I dove with a non-english speaking fisherman (not recommended). The water was great, 85 degrees year round, but visibility was only about 100 feet, but I think this was due to the rough water (about 6 foot swells).

This diving was the best “terrain diving” I have ever done. There was not a whole lot of fish life, but the walls and reefs were incredible. The first dive was on a wall going from 60 feet to 180 feet. There were some large eagle rays and schools of grouper, but what held my attention was the sheer magnitude of the walls. They were totally covered with reef life and there were beautiful colors everywhere. There were lots of ravines and caves to explore, and although the bottom of the wall was unreachable at 180 feet, you could see it at all times, which made the wall seem enormous in perspective.

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