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Explore Top Tourism Destinations On Kerala Tours

Kerala the beautiful State, which is known for several things including its culture, tradition and nature, fascinates tourists from across the globe. It has become the prime destination for newlywed couples who wish to make their love healthier in the lap of nature.

It is a land of canals, lagoons, lakes and rivers Where every one can do lot of enjoy. Their uniqueness and beauty lie in these rivers and lakes which no body will find else in the world.It is multifaceted place having effective tradition as well as modern touch. Tourists would love to feel the difference once they visit the cities of Kerala which speak about its glorious past and interesting present.

Since long time newly wed people in large number from the different parts of country prefer to visit this place to make their love remarkable in the lap of nature. They considered it is a perfect spot to celebrate their honeymoon within the natural surroundings. The beautiful island, the placid lake, the ancient temple and architectural beauties are the beautiful attractions that bring romanticism between the couples. So dont get your mind diverse anymore plan to visit the beautiful place and add a true experience in your life.

There are many places in Kerala where tourists can visit and make their journey unforgettable and memorable.

Trivananthapuram is a capital of Kerala which is surrounded by Arabian Sea and fast forward city which gives all the facilities to the tourists. It is built on hills with wide open spaces, sports stadium and low-lying paddy fields. It is also popular for the ancient temple Anantha Padmanabhaswamy which is landmark of the city. In the ancient time several kings have built their places near to the Trivananthapuram district so it makes it in focus and attracts to the tourists. Apart from all this capital city of Kerala is also famous for its scenic backwater, which is the lifeline of Kerala tourism. Come and enjoy houseboat cruise over the scenic backwater and add new chapter to your travel experience which you will love to turn again and again in your lifetime.

Kovalam which is the finest place which is only 10km away from the city Kerala.
Kovalam means the groove of coconut trees. It is a combination of three small beaches which is named a lighthouse beach. It is the point of attraction which is earlier called an anglers paradise. Some villages are near to this beach which belongs to fishing community. Since few years back it has been transformed into tourist spot.

Kottayam is one of the best exotic backwaters sites which thrills and attracts to the tourists throughout the year. Being a mountainous region with scenic landscapes, bird sanctuaries, ancient temple and the architectural view makes it the best tourist spot.

Munnar is one of the best tourist spot among the best places of Kerala. It is a small hill station amongst the Kannan Devan Hills. It is adorned and blessed with lush surroundings of dense forest, tea estates, lakes and beautiful greenery. There is also a good option for to do adventure activities like paragliding. It also has the highest tea estate in the world.
It is the good choice for tourists whether a family or newly wed couple. So come to Kerala availing the Kerala tour packages and enjoy memorable time in the lap of Mother Nature in a delightful and memorable way.

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