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Medical Tourism and where to visit

The success rates in India’s top hospitals for heart surgery are an average of 98.50% – which is at par with the leading cardiac centres of the world. Heart Surgeons in India have seen the recent trend of ever increasing ‘medical tourism’, and so have furthered their efforts in providing for it.


Medical tourism is travelling to a country (usually overseas) by international patients looking to get certain procedures taken care of cheaper, and faster. Patients travel to Singapore, Thailand, India, and other Asian countries in search of more affordable medical services, for other forms of healthcare, and to avoid lengthy waitlists that they are put on for certain procedures.


Cardiology hospitals in India, and Heart Surgeons here have already witness an annual growth of about 30%. While these countries with their highly developed medical facilities and medical tourism options have been drawing overseas healthcare traffic, India is and looks set to, expand at a faster rate.


Neurosciences Institutes and Cardiology Institutes in India offer their patients world class treatments at world class facilities at about a third of the price. Hospitals in India offer world-class healthcare facilities and are comparable to hospitals anywhere in the world.


India’s medical schools produce a large number of skilled professionals every year. There are more than 35,000 specialist doctors of Indian origin in the USA alone, and the UK has a large number of Indian medical staff as well. Private Indian hospitals are now at the same technological level as hospitals in Europe and America. More Indian doctors than ever who are practicing abroad are now returning home to cater for the ever increasing demand.


The prime factor that ensures Heart Surgeons in India will continue to see this exponential rise in business is the fact that the procedures are so much less expensive and yet cover ever area they are supposed to, from cosmetic surgery and major operations, to even preventative screening.

One of the premier Cardiology Hospitals in India that houses some of the best Surgeons in India is Medanta. They are a Neurosciences institute that are leaders in catering to medical tourists in India as well.

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