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Top Restaurants to Visit in Torquay

It is not hard to think of exciting activities during Torquay holidays. This is because a lot of attractions abound in English Riviera. Visiting these places is worth your time and money while spending a vacation with your friends and family. Aside from it, these tourist destinations are easy to get to if you are lodging in one of the luxurious holiday cottages.

For those who want to learn something new during Torquay holidays, they can visit one of the museums in Torquay. On the other hand, there are famous amusement parks which can be enjoyed by families on a break. After a tiring day of adventure, you can energize yourself by visiting the fine restaurants which are popular to locals and tourists alike. These restaurants are only a short distance away from the luxurious holiday cottages.

The Restaurant for Seafood Lovers

If you are looking for a place where you can relax and enjoy a sumptuous dinner with your family, then Number Seven Fish Bistro is for you. It is one of the best restaurants to visit if you are craving for seafood. The fish that it offers are freshly caught by local fishermen. Since there are lots of dishes to choose from, you don’t have to worry about what food to order. With its warm ambiance and inviting atmosphere, this restaurant is definitely a perfect stop over for visitors who are enjoying their Torquay holidays.

Number Seven Fish Bistro has several ways of preparing the seafood. If you don’t want grilled fish, you can ask the chef to steam or roast it for you. After a sumptuous dinner, you can go back to your holiday cottages where your comfortable bed awaits.

Authentic Indian Cuisine

Your Torquay holidays will not be complete without trying the fine restaurants in town. There are lots of dining places which serve the meals that your palate desires. It is recommended that you try the local food in Torquay. However, you can also indulge yourself in international cuisines offered by various restaurants. One of them is Belti Garden Restaurant and Takeaway which is just a short drive away from holiday cottages.

This restaurant is known for serving authentic Indian dishes. Most tourists visit this place to try the spicy Tandoori chicken. You can expect to enjoy savory meals which are made from fresh ingredients.

A Must-Visit Restaurant in Torquay

Another attraction which is worthy to include on your itinerary is Howlers Restaurant. It is one of the famous dining places near holiday cottages. To be able for you to experience unforgettable Torquay holidays, you should have some time to visit this place. It is popular to tourists who are craving for mouth-watering steaks and other meat dishes. Each meal is prepared using fine ingredients which are taken from local sources.


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