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Top Three Attractions to Visit on Srilanka Tour

Srilanka is one of the most sought after tourist destination in Asia and is visited by the visitors throughout the year. This beautiful country is located on the Indian Ocean and is lovingly called as the Jewels of the Indian Ocean. This country has soothing amiable climatic conditions and is speckled with some most terrific monuments which are very worth to visit on as touring to Srilanka. Gorgeous beaches, lovely Islands, splendid monuments, exotic wildlife and awe-inspiring destinations truly magnetize the tourists from the world. The World Heritage Sites in Srilanka are in abundance and breath taking.

The Jewels of the Indian Ocean has numerous attractions and so is not possible to quote all the attractions here so, I would present you the top five attractions which are mostly visited by the visitors with their Srilanka tour package:


Kandy is the cultural capital of Srilanka and is very beautiful and green. This is a hill town and is very famous for the visitors as on their Sri Lanka Tours, this hill town is located at the elevation of 500 meter above the sea level. The cool climatic condition and the temple of tooth is the mostly admire and visited by the visitors a lot. Kandy is very beautiful and a colorful city in this country with very colorful festivals and rich heritage culture. The temple of tooth is very and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as it is believed that a tooth of Lord Buddha is kept in this temple.

Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden

This garden is located nearby the hill station of Kandy and is stretched over 150 hectares of beautifully rolling green grounds. This is one of the finest and most beautiful gardens in the Asia and is located at an elevation of 500 meters and is delimited by the three sides by a loop of great Sandy River the largest river of Srilanka. The lush garden is home to more than 400 different herbs and galore of colorful floras. Truly speaking the garden is very useful and significant for medicinal purposes.

Mount Lavinia

This beach is located just 12 Km away from the capital city of Srilanka that is Colombo. This beach is very famous among the visitors and the locals here. The visitors on their visit never miss the opportunity to visit the Srilanka Mount Lavinia beach on the road to Galle. The gorgeous beach is lovely surrounded by the swaying palm trees, silver gleaming sands and the pristine clear water truly attracts the visitors. The Governors house and the Mount Lavinia hotel along with other hotel are really an architecture marvel in the adjoining areas and the offer the best stay with mouth watering delicacies which hook the visitors again and again.

Apart from these there are more attractions in this beautiful country which is very worth to visit on with any Srilanka Tour Packages. So do not wait for too long contact a tour operator which offer you a best tour package and make your trip to Srilanka a very memorable and a lifetime experience.

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