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York Tourist Attractions

Located in the heart of Yorkshire in North Yorkshire , York, one of the cathedral cities of England, is well-known for its thriving modern shopping areas and a home of two prestigious universities. Connecting to big cities in UK , York offers cultural attractions, historical places, museums, monuments, shopping areas and happening life, which attracts all visitors in the world, is a ideal place for visiting the nearby national parks and other historic places.

York attractions

York minster
Barley hall
Cliffords tower
Fairfax house
York city wall
Merchant adventurers
Roman bath museums
The shambles

The best time to travel to York is during spring, when flowers and trees come into bloom, enhancing the aesthetics of the city.

The nightlife is dispersed through out the York city. York boasts a pub for every day of the year, and Ye Olde Starre Inn on Stonegate, is reputedly the city’s oldest.

York Travel Information

York is the central place and it is connected to the other cities in UK and Europe. If you are planning to travel from York to London, Brussels and other places in UK and Europe, then the best option is Eurostar trains. Eurostar train is the most convenient and stress free modes of transport with in Europe. The traveling is little bit expensive than low budgeted flights. The advantage lies in the short check in process and the speed with which Eurostar runs on track (186mph). It adds thrill and excitement during traveling. You will find that most of the airports lie in the outskirt of city and Eurostar trains will take you directly in the heart of city.

You don’t need to buy separate tickets from York to London St Pamncras International station as Eurostar tied up with several train operating companies in UK. You simply need to hop on the Eurostar connecting train from York station to London and then Eurostar from London to Paris and Brussels.

The whole journey time for York to Paris 5hr 10 min and the return fares start from 79.

The whole journey time for York to Brussels 4hr 50 min and the return fares start from 79.

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