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Scotland Tourist Attractions

While an area of the United Kingdom, Scotland has continued to keep its own, distinct identity. This identity is stuck with its turbulent history of numerous wars and political conflict (as partly portrayed inside movie Braveheart), an intriguing genealogy (with Viking, Gaelic, Pict and Anglo-Saxon roots, amongst others), a different and rugged landscape, and the wry, sturdy disposition on the Scot.

Visitors to Scotland are oftentimes flabbergasted through the variety of its organic features. Scotland is a tiny territory of about 30,500 square miles, less than one-third of the whole United Kingdom. Despite its diminutive size, Scotland has everything from gentle rolling hills to towering mountain peaks, rocky shorelines, fragile gardens, mountain lochs, along with a wealthy nature (especially an abundant bird lifetime).

Scotland likewise has different weathers: rainy, warm, windy and winter. The vacationer season is generally between April to September, with the finest climate occurring normally in May well, June and September. It is interesting to note that in specified places like the Shetland Islands, daylight throughout summer are very long, and the sun sets at close to 11 pm. Likewise, nighttime is in addition unusually prolonged through the wintertime months, these kinds of that daylight may possibly begin at about 9 am and darkness at around 4 pm.

This is the only town in Scotland which has cobbled Market Square surrounded by cobbled streets. This quaint market town has a bridge built by the same person who built London Bridge, John Rennie. The horse race track here is known as Britain’s Most friendliest track.

Popular poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott is from this place. The population here is not big, but there is always something happening. There is plenty to do and see. The view of Kelso is amazingly refreshing set in greenery. River Tweed just adds to the whole experience.

The Kelso Town Square is the heart of the city where everything goes on. Apart from being a major attraction, it is a beautiful French style cobbled square. Of course there is plenty of shopping to be done around the Square.

Scotland boasts a numerous array of castles for those interested in taking a walk through history. Edinburgh Castle is open to visitors during the summer and winter months and offers an exciting visit to one of the castles Scotland is most famous for. Although you can purchase your tickets at the ticket office on the day you arrive, you’ll find it more convenient to buy your tickets online. Not only will you enjoy a guided tour of the castle but you might also want to pick up an audio guide, which can make the experience much more meaningful.

One of the castles Scotland visitors must see, Edinburgh Castle has gift shops and restaurants so you can plan on staying quite a while and getting the full experience from your visit. There is also a bookshop for those interested in the history of the castle. Families with children will find that the castle is family friendly and offers a positive experience for the entire family.

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